B. West grew up in both Portland, Maine and rural New Brunswick, Canada surrounded by the ocean and the intriguing local lore and architecture. She eventually graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a BA in Sculpture. Currently, she resides on an island off the coast of Maine with her lay-about cat, Ramona.

Her writing is generally influenced by the little incursions of the bizarre into the everyday, intersectionality, the collected stories we call history, and neglected areas of science. Her short story, Pelagic, can be viewed in the Fall 2016 issue of Watershed Review.

West’s visual art is often interdisciplinary, in that it exploits a myriad of techniques, materials, and inspirations. In her illustration work, she mainly utilises traditional watercolour techniques with the addition of collage, gouache, and other embellishments with an emphasis on detail, pattern, and representation of human diversity.