The God Eaters

The God Eaters by Jesse Hajicek

RATING: ★★★★ (4/5)

Not to be put-off by the fact that this is a self-published novel that can be read in full on the author’s blog, I delved right in and was pleasantly surprised. The God Eaters is a unique blend of sci-fi, fantasy, satire, romance, and adventure. The world entered is a believable construction– a world vaguely reminiscent of our own, with a mishmash of Huxley-esque theocratic dystopian society, old western, ancient Egyptians, and Phillip Pullman. The main characters are pleasantly steadfast in their personalities and the development equally believable. Sure, there are some bits of dialogue that could be better and the romance at times was a tad overwhelming/erotic but, overall, the story of these two queer men and the strange deities/immortals/mages they meet along the way was a compelling read. There is just enough wit, wry sarcasm, sincere treatment of characters, and beautifully lush description sprinkled in amongst the gun-slinging, magic, and sex to redeem what could have crossed over into an unconsciously campy drama. As the reader can see, however, the author is fully aware of the epic tale he’s spinning. I only hope there’s a sequel!

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