Brigitte grew up in both urban(ish) Maine and rural New Brunswick, Canada and continues to travel along the eastern coast as an adult.  She holds a B.A. in Studio Art (concentrating in Sculpture) from the University of Southern Maine. She currently resides on an island off the coast of southern Maine and is trying to keep a nature journal. 
Taking an interdisciplinary approach, West's visual work exploits a myriad of techniques, materials, and inspirations. In her illustration work, she uses a mixture of traditional techniques and mediums (such as gouache, watercolours, brush & ink, etc.) as well as collage, and some digital tweaks. For West, passion for illustration goes hand-in-hand with an abiding love of storytelling, writing, and libraries (she proudly has never stopped reading picture books from the library). Though West uses several different recognizable styles, her work is unified by an emphasis on detail, pattern, and everyday representations of human diversity, all with a touch of whimsy. 
You can follow her on Instagram, @brigitte.west, to see her latest visual escapades.

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